Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:


  • Turkish passport holders can travel Visa Free or Visa on Arrival access to 115 countries,
  • Easy Access to USA E2 visa, or U.K. residency through “Ankara Treaty” bu opening business in U.K.,
  • Applicants do not need to declare wealth or existing assets when applying for Turkish citizenship,
  • There is no obligation to reside in Turkey or to speak Turkish,
  • Excellent medical facilities, and affordable private health insurance, or free medical treatment in public hospitals,
  • A rapidly emerging, stable, democratic and secular nation, with a great lifestyle, culture, weather and cuisine,
  • Turkish economy is huge and diversified, providing a wide choice of business opportunities,
  • Turkey is a member of the G20 and NATO,
  • Turkey Identity Card is included in the Programme,
  • Turkey allows Dual Citizenships,
  • No Military Service required for TCBI Applicants,
  • Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided,
  • Superb Educational Facilities (private)
  • Very hospitable and welcoming manner to foreigners,
  • Fair Tax System
  • Perfect location nestled between Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.